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Home Health Care Services in Mumbai
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Stroke Care

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The very word "stroke" indicates that no one is ever prepared for this sudden, often catastrophic event. Stroke survivors and their families can find workable solutions to most difficult situations related to disease by approaching problems with patience, perseverance, creativity and help from a trustworthy and experienced home care partner.
Early and persistent rehabilitation efforts can improve functions and sometimes even remarkable recoveries for someone who suffered a stroke.
The long-term goal of rehabilitation is to improve function so that the stroke survivor can become as independent as possible. This must be accomplished in a way that preserves dignity and motivates the survivor to relearn basic skills that the stroke may have impaired - skills like bathing, eating, dressing and walking.
Rehabilitation starts in the hospital as soon as possible following a stroke. In patients who are stable, rehabilitation may begin within two days after the stroke has occurred, similar efforts must be continued after release from the hospital at home for optimum recovery over a period of time.
Effective home care plays an important role in stroke patients recovery. A team of professionals required for stroke care at home include Home Care Nurse, Home care attendants, Neuro-Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and stroke care coordinator who work under constant guidance of the Treating Doctor.
As per principles of neuroplasticity (An ability of brain to rewire) the recovery in stroke is beyond physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy sessions. Recovery is based on continuous use of injured body part and brain outside the therapy sessions in everyday life. This can be ascertained by help of trained attendants and nurses who perform those exercises for these patients on daily bases.
Patients with stroke have multiple disabilities in mobility, self care, balance, coordination, speech & language, swallowing as well as cognitive and sensory / perceptual skills.

Passive range of motion, fine motor exercises, use of home exercise equipment, oral motor exercises are a few rehabilitation activities that can be done at home and play an important part in stroke recovery. Maintenance of an Exercise log is equally important. These things can be easily accomplished when you have the help of qualified, trained professionals at home available.
The rehabilitation medicine specialist from the hospital evaluates and makes a comprehensive management plan, for optimal recovery at home after discharge.
The rehabilitation plan aims to provide an optimal environment for recovery, functional improvement, reduction in secondary complications, impairments & disability, teaching compensatory strategies, appropriate equipment & modifications and continuity of care.
Stroke rehabilitation by Arooj is individualized, comprehensive and family oriented. We provide the patient’s family with all the required support including procurement of medicines and equipment, a stroke rehabilitation kit and counselling services for the family.

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The neuro/stroke rehabilitation programme by Arooj provides a full continuum of specialised care, including

  • Speech and swallowing therapy
  • Regular supervisory visits by senior nursing personnel
  • Equipment specifically needed for care; eg wheelchairs, special beds, air mattresses etc
  • A stroke rehabilitation kit with simple devices to improve function
  • Regular supply of medications and consumables required for the patient
  • Care coordinator
  • Regular doctor visits
  • Nursing or/and Attendant Care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
Regular feedback is provided to your hospital medical and rehab team so that they can monitor your progress as well and provide timely inputs in the management.