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Paediatric Physiotherapy
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Arooj offers paediatric physiotherapy for toddlers, children and young adults suffering from a variety of conditions. We are able to deliver highly specialized paediatric physiotherapy at home, for children between the age 0 - 18 with a wide range of movement disorders and physical disabilities.

Our specialized paediatric physiotherapists have a large amount of experience in treating children with a variety of conditions such as delayed development, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. We know that children are not simply "little adults" and require a completely different approach to therapy and we always aim to make sessions fun-filled, interactive and interesting for children. Following are most of the questions that parents commonly have regarding paediatric physiotherapy but if you have any other queries then please get in touch with us for a chat.

How can Aroojs paediatric physiotherapy service can help?
  • First of all our paediatric physiotherapist will visit you in your home at a time and a day of your convenience, thus reducing any disruption to your child's education. We always suggest that the initial assessment and treatment session is completed at home as it allows the physiotherapist to observe the child in his/her home atmosphere and also to enable parents to feel most relaxed.
  • Sessions are designed specially to be engaging, fun filled and creative so as to maximize the benefits of therapy and keep your child fully engaged during the session. This is an essential component of the session and is one of the reasons why it is important to have a specialist paediatric physiotherapist.
  • We can help instruct parents, care takers, teachers and other professionals on how to help with therapy and how to safely conduct exercises and rehab work.
  • Follow up therapy sessions can be conducted at school if required. Many of the schools are very supportive of the need for physiotherapy and our paediatric physiotherapists have extensive experience of working in schools with children and liaising with staff, teachers, care takers and other professionals. Undergoing therapy at school can reduce disruption to precious family time and also enables the physiotherapist to examine any difficulties that your child may be facing at school.
  • Our paediatric specialist can make an exercise program that is designed specially to your child's developmental requirements. This can then be used in between physiotherapy sessions in order to maximize potential improvements.
How is Paediatric Physiotherapy Different?

Paediatric physiotherapy is a specialized form of physiotherapy where the physiotherapist works with the child, parents, care takers, teachers and any other professionals in order to optimize the child's physical potential. It is often very hands on in nature with the physiotherapist assisting the child in attaining specific positions, facilitating movements and helping the child achieve their potential.

Due to the complexity of childhood pathologies and the challenges of monitoring and treating children, paediatric physiotherapists are specialists who have undergone extensive training and professional development and have a large amount of experience of working with children of all ages. Paediatric physiotherapy often takes place at school or home rather than in a clinical environment as this makes children feel more relaxed, reduces interruption to their lives and it means that therapy can look like play and fun.

Our experienced Paediatric Physiotherapists are highly trained to treat infants to adolescents, offering thorough assessment of your child's condition and developing a personalized program suitable for your child and their lifestyle. Children's Physiotherapy covers a vast range of services & conditions for babies and children of all ages including:

Paediatric Physiotherapists can help with:
Benefits of availing treatment from Arooj
Cost Effective with Excellent Clinical Outcomes
One can receive healthcare at par with hospitals without the hassle and any additional expense.
Quicker Patient Recovery at Home
The patient's doctor controls the treatment with the help of care guided by a customized care plan. Progress is tracked electronically.
Professional Protocol Led Healthcare
Qualified medical professionals visit daily to make sure proper care is provided at home and is carried out with strict adherence to protocols.
Professional patient care with doctor supervision
Being in a familiar environment has the psychological benefits of security.
Comfort & convenience for the patient & the Family
Along with the visits and reports to doctors for consultation, we extend regular patient health reports. Disease counselling is also offered to the patient.