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Home Health Care Services in Mumbai
Home Nursing Services in Mumbai
Home Health Care Services
Home Health Care Services in Mumbai
Home Nursing Services in Mumbai
Managed Clinical Care Services

Managed Clinical Care at Home

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Healing at Home has various advantages to patient such as reduced risk of infection, improved family connect, and emotional wellbeing to name a few. It is crucial to provide evidence based comprehensive medical care at home to keep patient safe and maintain continuous improvement of the patient.

Patient care at home must be a combination of intelligence and services from different branches of medicine. To ensure proper care to the patient, it must be centrally coordinated by experienced health care professionals.

Technology can play vital role in transfer of information between health care professional rendering direct care at home and professionals that are supervising this care which may include the primary treating doctor, rehabilitation professionals, palliative care professionals and Coordinating health care professionals.

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A patient at home typically needs:

  • Care coordinator
  • Regular doctor visits
  • Nursing or/and Attendant Care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Medical support
  • Equipment specifically needed for care
  • Regular supply of medications and consumables required for the patient
Arooj home health care as a partner in patient’s care ensures that the patient and his/her family receives maximum assistance in organizing care at home. We do so with the help of trained and experienced medical and paramedical professionals on board.